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  • Actively Participate

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    Actively participate.

    Participate in the course’s online chat to get the most out of your learning experience.

    Not everyone is lucky enough to get the chance to immerse themselves in an interactive environment.

    Fortunately, you are in exactly this kind of educational community.

    So when you are in a course where the trainer encourages you to engage, and fellow students are participating inside of the chat or the virtual room, make sure that you get involved, as well.

    For some, it might be intimidating at first to join in conversations with a bunch of strangers, but in a classroom environment, this is the number one way to learn.

    Participation is designed to help you better understand course materials and engage with fellow classmates.

    This might involve responding to the trainer, commenting on other's chats, or posting questions about anything you may not understand during the training.

    Read what other students and mentors are saying, and if you still have questions, ask for clarification.

    Even after the training is over, make sure you are checking in as often as you can, too.

    The flexibility of online learning means that you can set your own time and make your own plans, which means you could always squeeze in a discussion response around your schedule.

    Set a goal to participate during the live sessions and check in on the community discussions every day.

    And if you do feel yourself falling behind, let us know.

    Don’t wait until you have missed your goals and other opportunities to ask questions or report issues.

    Communicate with the team and be proactive in asking for help.

    The first step to doing all of this is by joining us at the live mini-course and meeting your fellow community members.

    And don't forget: Actively participate during the course to maximize your learning experience.

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