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    Become affiliates for audience-recommended products.

    An affiliate marketer’s audience is clearly instrumental to his or her success.

    A superb, under-utilized way to build that audience - while also building passive income - is to become an affiliate for the products your target audience recommends.

    For example, one successful marketer did this with his freelance writing community.

    He recognized members were looking for a new customer relationship management tool, so he tested a bunch of popular options.

    One particular tool came out on top, and the marketer joined its affiliate marketing program and got paid to recommend a tool he already liked, and one that he knew his audience was searching for.

    Keeping your ear to the ground is especially important as an affiliate marketer. Host natural conversations with your audience.

    Help them overcome their objections by trialing different options yourself first.

    Then, sign up to the best affiliate program and get paid to help your audience succeed.

    Through our own research, we know that both newbie and veteran marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners need two major things.

    One is digital marketing software tools, and the other is real-world marketing education.

    GrooveAsia provides the all-in-one platform of every major tool that all marketers need, while Summit delivers the valuable content that teaches how to get the results.

    That's why when done correctly, anyone can become successful with these affiliate programs, because they provide exactly what our audience members want, need and recommend.

    And with our built-in system, there is no better way to bring this to them, as well as helping our affiliates to earn more commissions as a result.

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