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  • Own The Relationship With Your Audience

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    Own the relationship with your audience.

    The key to making money as an affiliate marketer is to have a loyal, engaged audience who care about what you have to say.

    That’s hard to do if your content marketing campaigns are struggling to reach them.

    Social media and YouTube channels are often the first port of call for affiliate marketers looking to share their product recommendations.

    But relying on these online channels is not enough.

    You will also need to have a direct line of communication with your audience - by having them join an email list.

    Not only are you in total control over how and when your affiliate content reaches your audience, but you land in a place that isn’t oversaturated, which is their email inbox.

    This affiliate marketing tip doesn’t have to be anything complex.

    Simply add an in-line form or pop-up box to your website that gives people something in return for subscribing to your newsletter, like a free checklist or report.

    While most email marketing systems can be expensive, the good news is that you can start for free right here at GrooveAsia, as the email marketing tool is already included in your free account.

    This way, not only can you benefit from using the tool, you can also help others by simply giving it away.

    And as part of our affiliate program, we also give you professionally-written email content that you can copy and paste.

    You're definitely going to want to learn more about how to take full advantage of this built-in all-in-one system with most of the email marketing and relationship building strategies that are done for you.

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