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Financial Roadmap:
Zero to IPO

Half a Year Training via Zoom

(Once a month)

6 in-depth trainings via Zoom at the comfort of your own home with Ryan Nguyen (NQT).

Your Complete Financial Roadmap Which Includes:

  • 1. Creating Investment Packages for Small Angel Investors
  • 2. Building and Managing a Network of Investors; Implementing Effective Investor Relations Strategies
  • 3. Strategies for Creating Liquidity for Shares
  • 4. Implementing Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP)
  • 5. Business Valuation Techniques (Interactive Coaching Approach)
  • 6. Utilizing Preference Shares, Dual-Class Shares, Bonds, Convertible Loans, and REPOs for Fundraising (Differences from Common Shares)
  • 7. Understanding Private Offerings, Initial Public Offerings, and Follow-on Public Offerings in Financial Roadmaps
  • 8. Valuing Goodwill for Financial Reporting and Independent Auditor Approval
  • 9. Fundraising Strategies for Chain and Franchise Models (Requires Real Financial Data for Coaching)

Bonus: 1-Day Event In Malaysia

Join Ryan in a live one day event in Malaysia to learn and to connect with potential investors and you may even have the opportunity to pitch your business to them live on stage!

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