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    Share on social media.

    Many newbie affiliate marketers are afraid to share about their new businesses on social media, but this newbie mindset will unfortunately give them newbie results, which is close to zero.

    Affiliate marketing is all about branding, and it is a numbers game.

    This means you need to be consistently sharing about your products, services and community in order for you to generate any kind of results.

    Marketers who are reluctant to share on social media only reveal to themselves and others that they are not confident about the program, maybe even ashamed to be associated.

    In which case, there is no use to remain as a member.

    Successful marketers are always talking and sharing about their businesses.

    That's how they make their first sale, build their brand, and associate themselves to the success of the company.

    It's understandable that some may not want to associate with a company if they don't feel like they are a part of it, which is why at GrooveAsia and Summit, we make sure to keep all our members involved within our humble community.

    Not only do we provide training, resources and support, but we also have personalized interactions where you can join meetings and even build personal relationships with our top leaders.

    You need the right freebies to give away that truly provide value, such as live events, mini-courses, reports, webinars and other free gifts.

    This way, when you are sharing on social media, you are not just promoting, but you are legitimately sharing positive interactions that you experience within the community.

    This kind of long-term social media marketing that truly shares a piece of you is what will generate you ongoing results, and it starts with the community of your affiliate program.

    If you don't have one, check out the ones here at GrooveAsia and Summit, and see first-hand why all our top leaders believe that sharing is caring.

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